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      Aloa_PM10 : Fine dust measurement

      Continuous measurement of fine dust emissions in µg/m3

      AQMesh mobile air quality monitor

      AQMesh low-cost smart outdoor air quality monitor

      AURORA 1000 Nephelometer

      Easy to use and maintain, the Aurora 1000 lowers the cost of ownership for aerosol light scattering, visibility and particulate monitoring instrumentation.

      AURORA 2000 Nephelometer

      The Aurora 2000 PM Correlating Nephelometer is part of the ‘new generation’ nephelometers using a single wavelength and an BETA monitor to measure aerosol light scattering and derive particulate concentrations.

      AURORA 3000 3 wavelenght Nephelometer

      Aerosol particles in the atmosphere directly influence the earth’s radiative balance by absorbing and scattering the solar radiation and indirectly,

      AURORA 4000 Nephelometer

      Aerosol particles in the atmosphere directly influence the earth’s radiative balance by absorbing and scattering the solar radiation and indirectly, by changing the cloud’s microphysical properties.

      Automated Filter Weighing and Data Processing Systems

      Guaranteed Compliance: EPA 40 CFR 1065; EPA 40 CFR 1066; Euro 4, Euro 5, Euro 6; Japan 10-15 +11 Mode / JC08H/C; China SEPA IV (Euro 4); India Bharat Stage IV; Brazil PROCONVE L4-L5.

      Carbonaceous Aerosol Speciation System CASS – OC/EC analyzer

      The Magee Scientific Carbonaceous Aerosol Speciation System (CASS), is a combined unit of a TCA08 Total Carbon Analyzer, and the Magee Scientific Aethalometer® AE33, providing a revolutionary scientific instrument that measures the Total Carbon Content (“TC”), the Elemental Carbon content (EC), the Organic Carbon content (OC) and the Black Carbon content (BC) of suspended aerosol particles in near-Real Time.

      Clarity Node best outdoor airquality sensor

      reliable, and cost-effective to measure and manage air pollution

      compact and transportable monitoring station for ambient air

      Our COMETS is the perfect compact ambient air monitoring station.

      complete air quality mobile laboratory – pollution tracker

      Scentroid Pollutracker TR8+ is a complete air quality mobile laboratory. This instrument allows the user to measure hundreds of chemicals using up to 10 sensors and analyzers including Photo-Ionization Detectors (PID) sensors, Non-dispersive Infrared (NDIR) sensors, Electrochemical and Metal Oxide sensors. Pollutracker includes, Built-in 10″ touchscreen interface, On device data logging and wireless transfer via email, Remote (internet based) firmware update, Built in sampling pump, Simultaneous data analysis of all gases, Built-in rechargeable battery, On-screen Calibration Procedure and External decontamination device.

      Aerosol particle counters are used to determine the air quality by counting and sizing the number of particles in the air. This information is useful in determining the amount of particles inside a building or in the ambient air. It also is useful in understanding the cleanliness level in a controlled environment. A common controlled environment aerosol particle counters are used in is a cleanroom. Cleanrooms are used extensively in semiconductor device fabrication, biotechnology, pharmaceutics, disk drives, aerospace and other fields that are very sensitive to environmental contamination.